How to Draw Fruits and Vegetables Structures

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Before drawing the man, and beast, should you exercise to draw natural objects first. Apart from the natural object does not move objects, you also can analyze the object better. Exercise natural draw very good thing to know all the visual elements of the structure of form, proportion, volume, composition, color, rhythm, and texture.Use your senses to better understand the object that you want the image. Get used to seeing, touching, feeling, smell, hear and feel an object before starting to draw. This activity will help you in expressing the character of these objects into the picture.Collect various objects of natural objects. You do not need to leave home to search for objects of natural objects. Your house are many things that attract the natural object. You can find natural objects and objects in the kitchen refrigerator.Now you definitely can not wait to start drawing a natural object objects. But before starting any drawing techniques that you must understand it first. You have to understand the structure of the basic shape of an object that you want the image. This technique helps you draw the object volume.All objects that you have a structure drawing basic shapes. Each object has a structure different basic shapes. The structure of the basic form of natural object objects of fruits and vegetables in general is a composition of circles and cylinders.There are exercises you can do, for example, draw the basic shapes the structure of apples, apple Hold in your hand, then felt the volume of the apple. Imagine an apple is composed of circles.Then move the arrangement of circles that form aoel into the picture, like the picture on the right side. Besides apples try to draw the volume of other objects.If the object of vegetables and fruits that you find in the house was still small. Buy a variety of vegetables and fruits to the market or supermarket. You will find the object of vegetables and fruits that diverse.

Various forms of the basic structurenatural objects. Imagine the natural structure of objectscomposed of basic shapes circle.

The structure of the basic shape of apples.

Corn turned out to have volumecylinder composed ofelongated circles.

Ubi has a rough skin texture, andhas a volume of an irregular cylinder.

Cabe has not elongated cylinder volumeirregular surface texture and not too rough.In contrast to the surface of carrot texturemore coarse. I provide shaded half circleand shading to make it look thin elongated volume of these carrots.

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