How to Draw Vegetables and Fruits

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In contrast to draw the still life composition on the composition drawing exercises vegetables and fruits, the object you are drawing are organic. Vegetables and fruits to rot, while nature is an inanimate object that can not be bad except for broken or damaged. If you draw a vegetable and fruit so rotten in the state of your understanding with a different object than when it was still fresh and fresh-picked. Every vegetable and fruits have a character each from the taste, odor, color, skin, and shape. Gather vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator, then you can place it directly on the table or use a plate first. Komposisikan vegetables and fruits, then start basic sketching first. You can change the composition of vegetables and fruits. As in previous exercises, make use of various shading techniques and textures.

Materials to be used for cookingsuch as onions, peppers, tomatoes, etc..Can be used at the beginning of your workoutin drawing of natural objects. Before you startdrawing accustom to alter the position of the object.

Sketch of initial composition of vegetables and fruitsuse a 2H pencil and 2B, recognize shapesand the volume of the object you are drawing.Use your senses to recognize objects.

The texture of onions, peppers, carrots, etc.has the character of each.I use pencils 4B, 6B forvolume shading and texture of objects vegetablesand fruits.

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